Tomáš Kus

Personal motto
Das gesamte Schaffen von Tomáš Kus verbindet sich mit Aspekten der Kunst, Geschichte und Literatur und ist als Postmoderne zu bezeichnen.

After 2019, it is the second participation in the Sculptor Symposium of the Erlebnisregion Hohenfelden for the versatile artist and his multi-layered work. The “Wolfsmann”, then created by the artist from scrap metal and iron parts, also characterizes his more recent subject. Born in 1950 in Susice in the Bohemian Forest, professional articles already refer to the artist as the “Wolfsmannmacher”. He removes boundaries and builds bridges between figurative sculpture, poetry, literature, and history. Welding and forging iron and making realistic-looking life-size figures are typical of his sculptural work. The symbolic power of his motifs and the stories about a particular kind of humanity that cannot or does not want to separate from its primitive “natural traditions” make the works of “Wolfsmann” so fascinating and captivating.

Even his education leads through parallel worlds of artistic expression. After Tom Kus graduated from the Humanistisches Gymnasium in Pilsen, he studied Czech language and visual education in 1968, followed by Bohemian studies and history at Charles University in Prague. In the mid-1980s, the artist finally studied art history and aesthetics in Prague and not only became a Dr. Phil. but also a subject inspector for Czech language and art education at all primary and secondary schools. Since 1992, after more professional stations, he has taught art history, aesthetics, and cultural sociology at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, among other places.

Important projects & stations (excerpt):

  • Head of the Cultural Section of the Municipality of the City of Pilsen from 1990-92.
  • Director of the art agency “atTom” in Pilsen in 1991
  • Chairman of the Art Association IF
  • President of the Europa Alma Mater Society in Pilsen
  • Numerous art happening and artistic contributions on the international stage.

Although he is originally a trained historian, Tom Kus always effectively expresses his respect for unadulterated history and the pursuit of new narratives in his works.

Tomáš Kus