The association


Where lake meets land and where hospitality meets with a colorful offer for all generations, there are the “Erlebnisregion Hohenfelden” and the registered office of the nonprofit organization, the conceptual organizer of the symposium.

Eleven international artists have agreed to implement their artistic projects on the theme of 2019 “POWER AT THE LAKE“ at the reservoir Hohenfelden on the “HANS AM SEE“ estate for one week .

The aim of the symposium is to promote the art of making statues that can be experienced by a wide audience in the Erlebnisregion Hohenfelden. In the plastic works of stone, wood and scrap the crafts are equally important as both manual and conceptual approaches. The planned installation of a sculpture surrounded way around the Hohenfelden reservoir will be a permanent expression of this. It should show the artistic diversity.

The main criterion is the encounter of artists of different origin and the clash of different cultures, as well as the exchange, the acceptance and knowledge transfer for this artistic branch in the public.

The unique landscape around the Hohenfelden Reservoir is redeveloped by the cautious embedding of the artworks: nature, art, past and present meet in a way that causes an exciting and stimulating dialogue.