Thomas Reuter

Personal motto
“Art creates living spaces.“
Always excited, clueless, astonished.

Thomas Reuter was born in Winterhausen, a market town in Lower Franconia close to the city of Würzburg in 1956. Since time immemorial, the area has been dominated by stone, especially the coquina.

His professional career began with an apprenticeship in a small stonemason company in Würzburg. It is here where stone is still worked on by hand, and who needs help, must address the colleague respectfully. The journeyman‘s time lead him to Nürnberg to a restoration workshop. It is here where he asked himself the question how craftsmanship can be connected with contemporary design in a stylish way. A working scholarship at the church Sagrada Familia in Barcelona indicated important impulses, because here the spirit of the old Bauhüttentradition has been connected with modern design ideas and techniques for one hundred years. Back in Germany, he visited the master school for stonemasons and sculptors in Aschaffenburg and his way to found his own workshop was open. As freelancer of the Würzburg sculptor Lothar Forster he gained his first experiences in the execution of great art on construction projects. Invitations to public competitions and assignments in public, sacral and private areas were to follow. Stone is mainly the starting material, again and again also in connection with mosaic, glass and bronze.

Important projects & stations:

  • Public art: Würzburg, Lauf, Munich, Otsu, Meiningen, Ochsenfurt and others
  • Artistic-social projects: JVA Adelsheim, Blindeninstitut Würzburg, schools in Nürnberg, Altdorf and others
  • Exhibition projects: “Road of Peace“, “Tolerance“, “Turmhoch“, “Transition“, “Uferprojekt“ and others

Thomas Reuter plays in various music bands and offers sculpting
courses at home and abroad. The sculptor lives and works
in Winterhausen near Würzburg at present.