Ricardo Villacis

Personal motto
„The goal of my sawing courses is to pass on my enthusiasm for arts. Those who already caught fire I would like to get further.“

Ricardo Villacis was born in Ecuador and has now been living and working in Germany for 22 years. He completed his training to become a sculptor in his home country.

His entire passion as an artist is about the natural resource wood. Each of his sculptures is unique and at the same time something very personal. In his many years of work the sculptor has created sculptures which are to be found all over the world and make the viewers happy. The unique items are on the premises of large corporations, in the gardens of families and playgrounds in the city.

Ricardo Villacis has impressed with his art at many symposiums and events nationally and internationally. Being on site and during the process of creating a new sculpture has always been a moment that will be remembered.

With heart and enthusiasm for art, the experienced wood sculptor shares his knowledge in exclusive courses with other sculptors and advanced professionals. With special focus on faces and hands he develops techniques and methods of approach together with the participants.

Important projects & stations:
Ricardo Villaci‘s works can be found on all continents today. The variety of works of art and exhibits is proof for the artistic commitment of the sculptor and his remarkable creative power.

The sculptor and artist Ricardo Villacis lives and works in Weitnau in the Allgäu and in the Swabian forest at present.