Hans-Peter Mader

Personal motto
Fun at work and optimism. Versatility and experimentation.

Hans-Peter Mader was born in Rolandstadt Nordhausen (Thuringia) on August 16, 1951. As a 22-year-old he started at the School of Architecture and Construction in Weimar. He graduated five years later as a graduate engineer in architecture. An additional study at the art college of Berlin-Weißensee for plastics and ceramics was already a rich trend-setting decision. The enthusiasm for the artistic and creative aspects of architecture have shaped the career and work of Hans-Peter Mader since then.

After three years as an assistant and seminar leader for the basic education at his former university for architecture in Weimar, the artist started his career as a self-employed in 1982 and has been a freelance ceramist and sculptor since 1989.

The repertoire and the variety of his works since those days have become reality and impress the viewer. By playing with surfaces, structures, inlays and precious chandeliers (strongly shining, in different colors iridescent plating on glass, porcelain, ceramics) the artist shows his unbroken curiosity. In his greatly inflated figural sculptures and abstracting objects you can find the extraordinary expression that the internationally renowned artist bases on the “Magical Realism“.

For several years, Hans-Peter Mader has been involved in bronze sculptures. Meanwhile he produces unique bronze pieces himself: from the wax model to the mold construction, the casting, the patination and finally, bashing on stone, steel or other materials.

Important projects & stations:

  • 1990–2019: exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Lichtenstein
  • 1995: “Thuringian artist“ Saran, France
  • 1997: “Window“ in the European Parliament in Strasbourg
  • 2000 and 2001: exhibition participation “Deutsches Kunsthandwerk“ Gift Fair, USA
  • Making of the award “Europe on the bull“ for Jean-Claude Juncker
  • art in public areas; wall and open space events as well as fountains and garden sculptures

Acquired far beyond the borders of Thuringia, the successful designer, sculptor and ceramic artist Hans-Peter Mader lives and works in Hohenfelden (Thuringia) at present.

Your art will stay

„In every memory, no matter how beautiful, there is always some melancholy about the fact that even the most beautiful moment we must irreversibly entrust to eternity.”
Heinz Nitschke, author

We are privileged to invite artists to Hohenfelden, where they can create their works in inspiring nature and under a free and friendly sky. After the symposium, we will all leave and return home. Some of us, unfortunately, forever.

On August 24, 2021, the Thuringian artist Hans Peter Mader died only a few days after his 70th birthday. The Sculpture Symposium Hohenfelden was a home game for the internationally recognized artist because Hans Peter Mader had set up his studio with his wife in the village. In his condolences, Thuringia’s Minister of Culture, Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff, called him one of the most significant artists in Thuringia, and, indeed, over 150 worldwide exhibitions would agree. His diverse life’s work will remain, inspire and enrich viewers for a long time to come.